At Tutor Funeral Home, we are committed to provide the families in our area with dignified and compassionate care.  We believe that funeral service is a special calling.  Being asked to help people at the worst moments of their lives is a special privilege.  This calling and this privilege create a sacred trust.  Families entrust us with the sacred responsibility of caring for a loved one, but, in addition to that, they entrust us with the responsibility to provide comfort and compassion for them when they need it most.  We accept this trust because we care.

Because we care…We believe that funerals are for the living.  They are an opportunity to begin the process of healing and learning to live with our grief.

Because we care…We believe that families are best served when their unique and personal needs are considered.  Each person is unique and each family is unique, so the services provided must also be unique and personalized.

Because we care…We believe that the human body is to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  The body represents the life of a person who was loved, a person who will be missed, and a person whose life was special because of the lives it touched. 

Because we care…We believe that a funeral is a celebration of a life.  A celebration of life that was important because of other lives it touched.



Terry Tutor