James M. Smith, Mendenhall, MS

James Marvin Smith, 68, passed away on Monday, March 23, 2015.  He was born on January 21, 1947, in Belton, South Carolina,  to parents Ernest Marvin and Doris (Alewine) Smith.  

James was better known as Jim or “Cadillac” which was his CB handle for truckers and the nick name followed him even after retiring from over the road trucking.  He moved to Mississippi in 1978.  

Jim spent time in the military serving his country before coming home to  drive an eighteen wheeler cross country for 40 years. He had a love for driving that could never be squelched. He learned to drive from his father, who spent 42 years on the road. He loved to take his wife and children on the road with him during summer breaks. All the years on the highway, doing what he loved and did the best, had millions of miles under his belt. He was a key driver in hauling bombs back from the Desert Storm War. He only had two accidents his entire life and career, sadly the second took him from us.

Jim was an amazing husband and an even more incredible Father and Grandfather, known to his Grandchildren as “Papa”. He was known to call all of his loved one's, almost daily, especially his daughter, Charity Smith Kane. Always calling before and after every trip Charity made, to tell her to be careful and make sure she arrived home safe.

He was a very loving and caring man, who would help anyone in the world. One of his all time favorite hobbies,  was to stop in the road and pick up discarded items,  that were either thrown out or had fallen off another vehicle during transport. He seemed almost magical at finding a use for everything,  while clearing the highways of litter and debris. Cadillac loved to fish and he certainly loved to drive. He loved giving directions and after decades of traveling the country, he was known to give directions more accurately than a map and more precise than a gps device. He was known for the last several decades, of carrying around a gallon size jug of sweet tea,  in a large thermos type cup, that he most assuredly rescued from a parking lot of a truck stop. Jim died doing what he loved the best “Driving” and I'm quite certain, he passed with a great sense of peace and happiness.

James “Jim” Smith leaves behind his loving wife, Peggy; his only baby girl, Charity Smith Kane; sons,  oldest son Jim “Jimmy”,  Wilson "Bubba",  twins Ray and Ralph “Shane” Smith; a wonderful step mother, Agnes; loving brothers and sisters, Mary Rachel, Jennie, Roger, Carl, Janice, Ernie, Pam and Joe; grandchildren, whom were the love of his life, Tiffany Marie Cornay, London Royce Kane, Destin Michael Solomon Kane, Italy Grace Kane and Ocean Sailor Kane.  He was preceded in death by both of his very loving parents.

James Marvin Smith “Jim” and "Cadillac" will be forever loved and missed by all.

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