Barbara Craft Cunningham, 55, of Magee passed away Wednesday, June 1, 2011,  at her residence.  She wasborn in Gulfport, on November 23, 1955.   Barbara wrote her own obituary:
I am proud to say that I am "Lady Barbara Craft".  I have had a life that most people only dream of.  I've seen the Northern Lights and the Southern Cross and everything in between.  My toenails are painted Corvette red and I'm having a great hair day.  I was a hot-hell-raising blonde bomb with a southern drawl.  Those who were brave enough to come along are better people because of it.  There will be no services for me, so take somebody to lunch or have a drink and share your favorite story, hell everybody's got one, true or not.  Don't forget the one about "It was Labor Day weekend and the circus was in town.....".  That one just kills me!
I leave behind my wonderful daughter, Angel Lee and her husband, Chris, from Denham Springs, LA.  My Angel did a hell-of-a-job raising herself.  She is the best thing I've ever done.  She turned out to be the best mother I have ever known.  She has always made me so proud of everything she has ever done.  She turned out to be a beautiful, wonderful, person and the best friend anybody could ask for.  We all come from excellent stock and a very good blood line.  My wonderful granddaughter, "Lady Bethany Lee" is the sunshine of my life.  She is my corn-fed, corn-bred, thick thighed woman who has blossomed into her own wonderful and beautiful person.  To my son-in-law, Chris Lee, "Thank you for taking good care of my girls".  I love my little family, and I am so proud of the joy and pleasure they have brought me.  Other survivors include my sister, Susan Malley, and her family from Magee, and my brother, Jack Craft, (who has always been there for me), from Gulfport.  To my few good friends that I love so - don't forget the good times that we had.  I was ready to go and be with my daddy, C. W. Craft. 
And ya'll, don't forget the story about, "It was Labor Day weekend and the circus was in town......".  That one just kills me!