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Tutor Funeral Home is a family owned and operated business here in Simpson County.  We are unique in saying that our family will personally take care of every detail promised to you and pride ourselves in integrity, honesty and respect.  We have two locations locally to service you in either Magee or Mendenhall.  

I have over 40 years experience in every aspect of  the funeral industry and am proud to say that my two sons, Peyton and Tyson, have joined me in our family business.  

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Vicki McMillon, Harrisville, MS

Vicki McMillon, 49, passed away Tuesday, September 16, 2014. She was born on May 31, 1965 in Mendenhall, MS.

Howard E. Floyd, Jr., Magee, MS

Howard E. Floyd, Jr., 71, passed away Wednesday, September 10, 2014. He was born on May 25, 1943 in Magee, MS.

Carrie Mae Kendricks, Mendenhall, MS

Carrie Mae Kendricks, 76, passed away Tuesday, September 9, 2014. She was born on July 4, 1938 in Baysprings, MS.

Nancy Warnick Jordan, Magee, MS

Nancy Warnick Jordan, 48, passed away Wednesday, September 3, 2014.  She was born on June 28, 1966.

James Thomas "Jaimee" Thornton, Magee, MS

James Thomas "Jamie" Thornton, 41, passed away Tuesday, September 2, 2014. He was born on March 20, 1973 in Collins, MS.


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Every family has their own ideal service, and we do everything in our power to meet those wishes by offering a variety of options.

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There are many benefits to prearranging your final plans. For example, prearranging allows you to ensure your wishes are followed...

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 We offer a variety of cremation services including traditional funerals, visitation services, memorial services and direct burial. Our professional staff will work hard to deliver you the highest quality service.

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