Get A Personal Experience By Choosing A Locally Owned Funeral Home Service

Believe it or not, funeral homes are just as likely as any other business to be purchased by larger corporations. Over the past twenty years there have been large funeral home conglomerates purchasing small local funeral homes. Although there are some pros to this, families are far better off staying with a local and family owned funeral home like ours. The whole premise behind our funeral home is to serve the families in the community and not some big-time owner of a chain. Funerals are a time to grieve, celebrate, and rejoice over the life of a loved one. The problem with bringing in large corporations is that it becomes far less personal and more about the business.

As a family owned funeral home, there are no corporate policies that dictate what we can and cannot do for a family. This allows us to personalize every funeral service and make it a memorable one that puts to rest the deceased in a proper manner.

What you may find is some chains will market themselves today as being locally owned and operated. The reason for this is because these chain funeral homes keep the local name and give less than 1% ownership to employees. At the end of the day, all you will end up with is the same large chain that is more about getting your money than creating a lasting memory of your loved one.

With our funeral home you will get nothing but a personal experience as we answer directly to you and create the type of service you desire. As members of the community, we understand the importance of a personable business and truly care for each and every family member that must arrange a service for a loved one.